About Us

Peer Participation:

All participants and staff have been consumers of mental health services on their own path to recovery. We promote self-reliance and believe that those struggling with mental health challenges can make their own decisions, set their own goals, and guide their own recovery. We also believe that we each benefit from the gift of helping others in the process. Those of us in recovery are often in the best place to reach out to someone needing help in their own journey.


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Our Recovery Model:

We believe that, given the right combination of attitudes and supports, people can recover from mental illness. For some, recovery is the ability to live a fulfilling and productive life, despite a disability. For others, recovery is the reduction or complete remission of symptoms. 

Factors important to recovery include:

  • The belief that people are capable of recovery
  • Close, trusting relationships
  • Acquiring skills necessary to manage emotional distress (aka, mental illness)
  • Identifying as a full human being, not just a mental patient
  • Being part of a valued community
  • Having people participant in their own holistic plans and treatment