Confidentiality Agreement

By signing in, you acknowledge that all staff, volunteers, members, and visitors participate directly or indirectly in member support and may become aware, by design or accident, of confidential information about members or their families or associates. Confidentiality is a foundation of our support for each other. Everyone is expected to adhere to accepted standards of confidentiality and behavior. This means what you hear in the center, stays in the center. If you need to discuss a situation, do not put a name to it. It is not appropriate under any circumstances to discuss member information with anyone outside of the center, unless there is an emergency situation that seriously and imminently threatens the physical well-being of someone connected with our center. When in doubt as to proper action, staff/volunteers/visitors are strongly encouraged to discuss specific situations with the center director.

Staff, volunteers, visitors, or members found to have discussed someone’s situation or personal affairs with unauthorized persons or to have committed any serious or willful breach of confidentiality with regard to members will be relieved of their responsibilities and/or visitation privileges immediately.

*Disclaimer: We are required to record gender data for funding purposes. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to address it with a staff member. *