Personal Advocates

On Our Own offers an Individual Growth Program (IGP) which is the foundation structure of our recovery efforts. It provides defined but flexible processes through which members develop greater knowledge, skills, and confidence that lead to achievement of their Individual Well-being Plan. As a part of our IGP, each member who wants one will be assigned a Personal Advocate (PA), which provides individual peer support and one on one goal planning to help them on their path to recovery.

The member will set up meetings with their personal advocate to meet as often as they would like. If a member comes in and feels a connection with a staff or volunteer that is a PA, they can request to work with that person (we will try to meet the request, but there are no guarantees). Meetings with personal advocates do not always have to take place at On Our Own, but that is the easiest and safest for all involved. Some PAs and members take a walk around the block for their meeting, some have met in coffee shops, but most meet here in the house.