Staff and Board Members


Erin Tucker, Executive Director
Cristy Bodie, Business Manager
Cyndi Richardson, PATH Liaison, CPRS
Patricia Pollock, CPRS
Jean Thorburn, CPRS
Olivia Melton, PRS
Tasha Tate, PRS
Tom Jackson, WSH Liaison, CPRS
Katrina Castaneda, IST Liaison, PRS
Kaye Frazier, OAR, PRS
Kevin Mellette, OAR, PRS

Erin Tucker

Executive Director

Erin Tucker has been with On Our Own for 9 years, initially working as the peer provider in our partnership with Region Ten on the Intensive Services Team and now as the Executive Director. Erin is a Trauma Informed Care Trainer and TIC Trainer for Peers through SAMHSA and the National Center for Trauma Informed Care. She is a Certified Advanced Level WRAP (wellness recovery action plan ) facilitator, Advance Directive facilitator, and Certified Peer Recovery Specialist. She is on the steering committee for the Mental Health and Wellness Coalition.

Cristy Bodie

Business Manager
Certified Peer Recovery Specialist
Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist

Cristy Bodie is currently the full time Business Manager at On Our Own. Her primary role is managing the financial responsibilities of the center and human resource services for the staff. She offers technical support for the office computers and network. She started working as a part time financial consultant in July 2013. Cristy previously worked at On Our Own in 2011 as the Office Manager and has been a member since 2009. She is trained in QuickBooks and many other valuable programs. Cristy continues in her journey of recovery and as a mental health consumer. In December 2016, she became a Virginia State Certified Peer Support Specialist and in June 2018, an Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist . “There’s nothing like working with a group of people who truly know what you’re going through on a day to day basis and still love you unconditionally! We are truly a family here, members and staff.”- Cristy

Cyndi Richardson

Region Ten PATH Liaison
Quality Data Manager
Certified Peer Recovery Specialist
Cyndi Richardson is the PATH Liaison, Quality Data Manager, and Certified Peer Support Specialist. She employed with On Our Own Peer Recovery Center. Cyndi is very passionate about being of service to others and making a difference in the lives of individuals who are traditionally overlooked in society. Cyndi is recognized across Charlottesville for her knowledge of life saving resources and her well-honed skill in empowering people in need. Cyndi embraces the philosophy that the first shall become last and the last shall become first and centers her advocacy efforts on the least of the least. In addition to working with the homeless community and mental health, she is a WRAP facilitator, serves as Chair for the Service Provider Council, a group of agencies that are directly involved with the homeless, and is also a board member of TJACH (Thomas Jefferson Area Coalition for Homeless). She is appreciative of wonderful parents, loving friends, and a peaceful and growing spiritual life. Overcoming the obstacles and demons that once commanded her life, she now stands as a vision of hope and inspiration.

Jorie Barna

Programs Manager
Personal Advocate and Volunteer Coordinator

Patricia Pollock

Volunteer Certified Peer Recovery Specialist
Personal Advocate
Board Vice President
Patricia Pollack holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology. She is certified to work with special education children who are diagnosed as emotionally disturbed and learning disabled. She worked at On Our Own previously in 2003 and completed the Virginia Health Service Training (VHST). She recently returned as a group facilitator and Personal Advocate. Patricia is diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and has run a support group, Even Keel, since 1985. Since bringing this group to On Our Own her skill and compassion have resulted in such high demand that she now offers two groups and other specialized groups growing out of interest in Even Keel. Patricia recently started an Even Keel group at 5 East in University Hospital.

Jean Thorburn

Volunteer Certified Peer Recovery Specialist
Personal Advocate
Jean Thorburn enjoys a life in recovery from debilitating depression. In her 30+ years of employment in Human Services, she has a special interest in creating residential culture that supports a healthy life. She holds a masters degree in Family and Community Development.

Olivia Meltona

Peer Recovery Specialist

Tasha Tate

Peer Recovery Specialist

Tom Jackson

Western State Hospital Liaison
Peer Recovery Specialist

Kaye Frazier

Offender Aid and Restoration Liaison
Peer Recovery Specialist
Kaye Frazier is on the Drug Court team at OAR and a liaison between Drug Court participants and On Our Own. She is a Peer Recovery Specialist and facilitates groups at On Our Own. She is certified in SMART recovery and runs a SMART meeting weekly at On Our Own. Kaye went to college for Fine Arts and uses art as a tool in recovery and communication in achieving mental wellness. Kaye believes that she can’t keep what she has without also giving it away. She holds hope for others in their recovery (as someone did for her) until they’re able to have hope for themselves.

Kevin Mellette

Offender Aid and Restoration Liaison
Certified Peer Recovery Specialist
Kevin’s life experiences, coupled with zeal and tenacity, have prepared him as a servant and worldwide advocate as a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist with a special interest in substance use disorders. Kevin is a graduate and is currently employed with On Our Own as liaison for the City of Charlottesville Circuit Drug Court. He has 2 years academic college education. Most importantly he possesses a Doctorate degree in “the school of it’s a hard knock life” academy, which he credits as his greatest tool and asset. He is unapologetically himself. He strives to transfer positive energy and his spirit to all he comes in contact with. He’s truly a man amoungst men!!!

Katrina Castaneda

Intensive Services Team Liaison
Peer Recovery Specialist

Karen Osterhaus

Board President

Rob Hull

Rob Hull is a Charlottesville native. He brings 19 + years of social work experience working with many consumers dealing with mental health issues/co-occurring issues, substance use issues. He has over 12 years of experience working with homelessness in the Charlottesville area. Mr. Hull has a long history working with On Our Own, in the past as the Program Manager for the PACSS/PATH programs and prior to that as the case manager for many members at On Our Own. Currently he is employed at Charlottesville Social Services as an Adult Protective Services worker. Rob’s hobby’s include recording, mixing and releasing music as a solo artist and spending time with his family. He has a long history advocating for issues such as affordable housing and substance abuse treatment.

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Jane Matthews


Pam Schmidt


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Janice Horton


Van Griffith